Online learning location for future workers and their coaches to work together on pre-field preparation.

We all know it is true.  Experiencing and immersing ourselves in new cultures can be fun and frustrating.  For years the Christian community has been talking about culture shock, and the experience can indeed be shocking.  For the believer seeking to minister effectively within a culture not her own, the challenge is even bigger. Effective, loving ministry happens when we submit ourselves to the perspectives and norms of a new place and follow Jesus’ example, taking on flesh of the new culture.  But that’s not easy!

This 8-day, 4-6 hour online course will help you understand some fundamentals of culture and cultural adaptation and personally raise your ability to integrate into your new culture in a healthy way.  You’ll learn with and from other cross-cultural workers from all over the world and interact with your skilled facilitator.   As a result of participating actively in the course, by the end you should…  

-understand the basics of cultural differences and our stress responses to those difference,
-be able to map your current emotional responses to culture on a scale of fun-flight-fight-fit, 

-be able to engage purposefully in a constructive process of personal cultural competence growth,   

-know how to use stress responses as an indicator of opportunity for active culture learning,

-embrace the spiritual growth potential that God is presenting to you through the cultural adaptation situations you are experiencing.