Intercultural ministries often require workers to spend much of their time creating and planning activities for people of a different cultural. Discipleship meetings, Bible studies, trainings, outreaches, and designing support material are examples. Making biblical material understandable, relevant, and natural to recipient listeners requires intercultural ministers to deeply consider the recipient's cultural context. Nestled at the unavoidable and important intersection of Bible and culture lies the formative notion of contextualization.

Contextualization and Culture Study is a one-week online course designed to give shape to the contextualization concept and give you tools for faithful participation in this important task.

This short refresher course is for childrens and youth ministry workers at South Suburban Evangelical Free Church who are refreshing their training and certification for the 2017-2018 school year.

The first few years of a missionary's time on a new team and in a new ministry context are truly vital.  The foundation can be laid for many years of fruitful ministry or that foundation can be compromised.  The leader receiving a new team member plays a vital role in overseeing the effective implementation of a  purposeful onboarding process.   This 4 week online course is designed for field-based leaders who will be taking on this responsibility.  Themes explored include What is my Job?, Connecting to the Context, Connecting to the Team, Connecting to the Ministry, Set-up for Ongoing Learning, and What Now?

This course is best experienced 4-8 months before the new member will be arriving on the field of service.  Included are opportunities to interact with other leaders who are in a similar stage of ministry, dialog with an experienced course facilitator, flexible and transferable content which remains accessible to you even after the course is completed, and some assignments that will challenge you to get started putting your customized plan in place.

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