• Optional Additional Resources

    Go Further!

    The following optional resources are offered as an opportunity for you to take what you have learned this week and go a step or two further in your journey to being a more effective culture learner. Any or all of these options can be completed at your convenience:

    1. Pick and complete one or more of the other 3 Real-Life Observation Activities from this course.

    2. Visit this page and pick one culture learning activity and put it one your calendar to complete:

    3.This concise blog post by Jono Hey lays out six sorting methodologies for recording and analyzing your cultural observations.

    4. Ugly Americans or Ambassadors of Christ? This Evangelical Missions Quarterly article explores some of the challenges North Americans face in connecting meaningfully with other cultures.  

    Pair this with The Values Americans Live By by L. Robert Kohls.

    5.  What about yourself, your standard of how you see the world fundamentally, have you noticed that may be standing in the way of your effectively learning and understanding your host culture?  Do you exoticize a culture like others do to America? Check out this video