Learners' Help Book

Dock/Undock Blocks

Everything on the right side of the screen is a block. Blocks can either be undocked (open) or docked (closed). The undocked blocks show all of their information, like the UPCOMING EVENTS block seen below. On the other hand, docked blocks are closed and do not display their information. They are the ones boxed in orange, and show only the name of the block. A docked block can be seen by the red arrow below.

To dock (close) a block, click on the symbol boxed in red below.  

Docked (closed) blocks can also be undocked (opened). To do this, select the block from the sidebar so it shows all of its information. This can be seen below. Next, select the symbol boxed in blue. This will undock the block back to its original position and keep it open for viewing.