Learners' Help Book

How to Track Due Dates

As you navigate through your courses, you'll notice that different activities display due dates in different ways. Below you'll find descriptions of the main ways you'll see these dates/times displayed.

Important Note:
Due dates with a time listed: All due dates which include a time refer to your time zone.  Make sure you set your time zone in your profile so due dates/times get updated to your time zone in assignments with "My Completion Tracking."

Due days without a time listed: In these cases, the day refers to the end of the day in the Eastern (New York, USA) time zone.  You will need to mentally adjust due days found in headings or in activity instructions if you are not in the Central time zone. For example, if you are in London, and you are to "complete your initial post by Friday," then you need to submit your work by Saturday at 5 AM, rather than by Friday at 11:59 PM.

In Headings

In some activities you will see the due day listed in the activity heading. In this case, your activity is due on the day listed during that current week.

In this example, your first post to this forum is due at the end of the day on the Thursday of the Course Orientation week in Eastern time.

In "My Completion Tracking"

Assignments will list the specific date and time they are due in the "My completion tracking" box at the bottom of the assignment page.

In this example, the assignment is due on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, at 8:55 PM. for someone in the Pacific (Los Angeles, USA) time zone. It was originally due at 11:55 PM Eastern, but the site has automatically adjusted the time to reflect this specific user's time zone.

In Activity Instructions

Some activities will list the due day in the activity instructions.  This will be common for forums, quizzes, and lessons.

In this example, your initial reply is due on at the end of the day of Wednesday of Week 1 in Eastern time.