Learners' Help Book

How to Manage Course Emails

When you start your course, you'll notice pretty quickly that (in most courses) you will receive several emails from the course each day. These emails are mainly to help keep you informed of the activity that's going on in your course so you don't miss any forum posts made by your facilitator or fellow learners, including responses to your own posts. 

However, some of you may find it overwhelming to see all these emails in your main email inbox. You can use the "rules" or "filters" feature in your email program to manage emails in a way that is useful to you. Rules and filters generally can be set to automatically direct individual emails under defined conditions to be deleted, moved, filed or forwarded as desired. How to do this varies by email provider. Below we've provided links to instructions for some of the more common providers. If you don't see yours here, you should check the settings in your email or search "create email rules in [email provider]" or something similar. 

Once you've learned how to manage emails using rules and filters, you can do a couple things:

  1. Create an email folder and a rule/filter for each course you facilitate or participate in. When you receive emails from forums and assignments, have them all be moved automatically to the email folder you designated for your course. You will then have a folder that is constantly updated with all your emails from the course and they will not take up space in your main inbox. Each time you look at that folder (perhaps once a day), you'll see immediately the most recent activity in your course. Once the course is over, you can turn off the rule or filter and then any random emails in the future will not go unnoticed because they will then come into your inbox.
  2. Simply create a rule or filter that will delete all emails coming from grow2serve. Then you can manage all course activity from inside the course site itself.

If you would like any help with this, please don't hesitate to contact Learner Services (services@grow2serve.com) and we'll direct you to some helpful resources.