Learners' Help Book

Computer and Internet Requirements

Is your computer ready for you to take a course on grow2serve.net?

You will need:

  1. A browser that is up to date. grow2serve.net will work best on the latest version of Firefox.
  2. A high-speed Internet connection. Dial-up or a slow connection can almost double your work time.
  3. A digital image to use as your profile picture.
  4. An email account that is personal to you and not being used by another user on grow2serve.net.
  5. The following installed on your computer:
    • A word processor (such as Word, Notepad, etc.) to turn in written files (for some courses)
    • A media player if you wish to watch/listen to course audio and video files
    • Speakers or headphones for listening to media
    • The latest Adobe Reader or other program to view PDF files

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