Practice Some Observation in an American Family Living Room

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Let's begin with some initial observation practice in a very familiar environment. 

To view the video, click on play above.

For this assignment watch the video and gather as many unique observations from this video clip as possible.  From your list of observations add to those others have already shared.  Start a new discussion to list your observations. Try and see things that nobody else in the group has seen and listed already. 

You are only allowed to watch the video once!! 

Complete your listing of observations by the end of the day on Thursday.

  1. Watch the video clip once and list observations from what you see and hear.
  2. Start a new discussion to add your list of unique items that have not been listed by others in your group.
  3. In your post also answer this question: what is one thing that you noticed that you likely would not have if you were not engaging intentionally for this class assignment?
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