What I Learned Through Purposeful observation

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Now that you have completed your real-life observation activity, reflect on the following questions.

    Cultural lessons
        What did you learn about your host culture?  
        What did you observe that you might not have noticed if you were not doing this exercise?
        What hypothesis or cultural item would you like to explore further?
    Personal lessons
        What did you learn about yourself?
        Was it difficult for you to slow down for this period of time?
        Review your notes – are they objective?
        Are you a disciplined observer?  Do you enjoy looking for the signs that contribute to your understanding of cultural patterns?

With the group, pick two of the following questions to discuss:

  1. How was this different from your video clip watching experience?
  2. Did you maintain the discipline of holding off making interpretations?  Explain.
  3. Do you agree with the idea that need to hold off on hypothesis/interpretation? Explain.
  4. What would you like to explore further?

  1. Reflect on the Cultural Lessons and Personal Lessons questions.
  2. In the forum, explain briefly (1-2 sentences) where you did your observation.
  3. Pick 2 of the 4 discussion questions and answer them by starting a new discussion.  Make your post by Sunday.
  4. Carefully read the posts of all of your fellow learners.
  5. Before the end of the day Tuesday, respond to at least one other participant, either adding some information to the discussion or asking a question for clarification.

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