Getting Comfortable with Forums and Each Other

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(Complete Your Initial Post by Monday)

Effective collaborative learning stems from the sharing of thoughts and ideas. A forum is where this active discussion and interaction take place. This week you will use the forums to post your ideas and respond to other learners. For the best possible learning environment, please participate in forums on time. A consistent flow of interaction needs to occur in order to maintain a sense of community.

In addition to the content-related forums for group discussion, you will also regularly receive information from your facilitator through the Course Announcements forum. You will have the opportunity to start or enter into optional discussions in the Global Cafe forum. The Help and Feedback forum is meant for exactly what its name implies--it is a place to either ask for help (and get help from other learners or from the facilitator) or to post feedback on the course design, content, or the learning environment itself.

Please visit our Netiquette Guidelines and review the information listed there. Following these guidelines will help everyone have the best forum experience.

Now that you know about forums, it is time to get a little practice by participating in one.

Please read all the information below before making your initial forum post.

Forums are typically completed in two steps. First you offer your initial response and then you respond to your fellow classmates.  So let's get started accomplishing two things at once by all participating in a practice forum where we will also meet each other.

Step 1: In this forum respond to the following questions, writing 1-2 sentences for each:
a. What is your name, where do you live and work and what is your role?
b. What is something in your environment that you noticed today?  Why did you notice it?  Do you think it may relate to your personality, upbringing or past experiences?
c. Now, help us understand you a little more...   What might the nature of the observation you made today tell us about you?  What kind of person are you? 

Step 2: Watch for the email you will receive when a classmate posts to this forum. You can also simply return to the forum and see who has posted. Please read all the posts and respond to at least one fellow learner. Share some of your thoughts. Perhaps you want to mention something that you have in common or something in which you are really different from each other.

Once you have started one discussion and responded to at least one other person, this forum will be marked as complete on the main page of the course.

Forums are where ideas are shared, where community is developed, and where learning happens. Enjoy interacting together!

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