Choose One Real-Life Observation Activity

This exercise will give you an opportunity to try your skills as participant observer. 

Select one of the four participant observation exercises to do before the end of the day on Sunday.

        Participant Observation 1 - Your Neighborhood
        Participant Observation 2 - City Plaza
        Participant Observation 3 - Restaurant or cafĂ©
        Participant Observation 4 - Religious worship service

Review each one to make certain you are selecting something that is logistically possible in your context.  Each exercise is a bit different, but each will give you an opportunity to observe and describe a cultural setting.  Once you have decided on one, download and print the activity.

  1. Pick one of the 4 observation activities that is logistically possible for you to complete before the end of the day on Sunday.  Click on the links above to open, view, and print the activity you choose.