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Hello! Welcome to Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation!

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I'm encouraged that you have a desire to grow in your ability as an effective culture learner.  Through exploration of new ideas and interaction with your facilitator and fellow learners, this course will provide you the opportunity to increase in your knowledge, beliefs, and skill relating to this mission-critical practice.

The Getting Started section contains some course orientation resources as well as gives us a chance to meet each other. Those of you who have never taken an online course will find this material particularly helpful as you will learn about how our course is set up. This first part should take you 30 - 60 minutes to complete – this depends on how comfortable you are with the software and your own learning curve. We want you to feel comfortable moving around in the course.

In the sections Culture is Important!, Participant Observation, and Planning for My Ongoing Culture Learning, you'll find the course content and activities for the week. We will not exhaust these topics in our online course, but will be setting a foundation for you to begin to design and implement your own culture learning process and the confidence to step in and get started.  As the week ends, we'll have some closing activities in the Finishing Up section that will help cement your learning for the week and put you on the path to ongoing learning and implementation.

For the typical learner, this online course will take four to six hours to complete. We realize that all of you are busy working in the responsibility areas of your ministry. So why should you make the sacrifice to invest time in this course? We believe that the learning you do during Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation and the resulting practices you adopt may well make a big difference in how effectively you engage in learning the cultural realities of the place where you live and minister.  And in the long run, your engagement into your host culture may very well make or break the fruitfulness brought forth from the time and effort you will invest into ministry.  You will not receive a grade from your facilitator. Your success in learning will be measured by you, when you apply this learning – hopefully in the very near future!

Interaction will be key to making this course engaging and fun. This interaction takes place both with the facilitator and with the other participants in the course. You will need to respond to other participant’s forum posts so please try to complete all assignments and activities in a timely manner to keep yourself in sync with the rest of your group. You should plan to participate in the course several times over the course of the week, probably every day. We would strongly discourage you from trying to do all the week’s work on just one or two days or in just one or two sittings.

You may find it helpful to take a look at your schedule right now and block out some time every day to complete at least one piece of the week's material.

It is time to get started! Please begin with reading and completing the activities in the "Getting Started” section.

Mark Morgenstern, Director CIT Next

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