My Learning Connection

"The real work begins when the course ends. Learning creates value only when it is transferred and applied to the participant's work environment. Education is a process, not an event."
(From "Featured Book Review" Dec. 2006. A review on The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, 2006)

According to this quote, learning and knowledge have value only when they are applied to your world, be it the office, the mission field, the pulpit or your home. Developing a process of application can best be described as making an active learning connection.

The purpose for this learning connection is three-fold:

  1. Once you complete it, you will have something measurable to take away with you.
  2. You will have something concrete to offer to your supervisor for accountability purposes.
  3. This will become part of your permanent CIT Next "transcript".

So let's make a connection and reflect on the following three questions:

  1. What are the biggest lessons you have learned through this experience?
  2. How do you intend to apply what you have learned? Write out a plan and determine a time period for application (i.e., immediately, over the next year, 5 years).
  3. How can you multiply what you have learned by spreading it to others? In other words, you have this new knowledge, what are you going to do with it and how will it benefit others?

Copy the three questions above and paste them either into the text box that appears after you click "Submit work" below, or into a Word document. If you choose to answer the questions within the text box, type your response and then click "Save changes" in order to submit your completed Learning Connection. If you answered the questions in a Word document, upload the file by dragging and dropping it into the "File submissions" box and then click on "Save changes." It is recommended that you print off and/or save this completed activity for your future referral and accessibility.

If it would help you for accountability purposes, we would be glad to pass this information on to your supervisor or another trusted individual in your organization.  Please let us know if we can serve you in this way.   Simply add a note with a name and email address as you are completing this final assignment.